10 Years Ago Today

Yes, as a special one off tonight, you get a blog that bears no relevance to my normal stuff here.

Its funny, I remember that fateful day so well, that really its quite scary! I was living and working in Newbury at the time, and by sheer irony, 11th September 2001 was my day off. Didnt have a lot on, so pottered around at home in the morning (oh alright, probably spent time on the computer too) before heading into the office to join the other staff there for lunch, as often happened if I wasnt busy on my day off. No, my memory isnt quite good enough to know what I ordered lol!

I guess it was soon after 1 (all this is UK time btw) that I left them, and started to head for home, via Tesco’s to do some shopping. When I got home, my phone was ringing merrily, and I was told to put the TV on quick. You can guess the rest, it was about 5 minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Centre, and all hell was breaking loose. I watched everything transfixed for the rest of the day, as the whole horrible tragedy of events played out. Its not like I wanted to watch it, but you couldnt do anything else really! Someone later jokingly said that it was the longest period I stayed off the computer at home after I got it, lol! Not quite true, but…

All I do remember is that it was pretty nigh impossible (for whatever reason) to get connected to the internet that night.

The thing is, two of those fated planes flew out from Boston, an airport I will be landing into next Saturday afternoon (their time), 23 years or so after having last landed there. And to add to it all, I went up to the observation deck on one of the World Centre towers, and had my photo taken there, by my partner of the time.

Its hard to believe all that happened 10 years ago, that day still seems so clear even now.

RIP all those good souls who died on that awful day, I dont think I’ll forget it, and you, until I die.


2 thoughts on “10 Years Ago Today”

  1. I remember having just gone into the office that day, and someone called to tell me that a plane hit the World Trade Center. Having grown up in and around NYC, I assumed it was some small plane, some messy accident, a big disaster in many cities, but part of NY choas. It wasn’t until I heard about the second plane that I turned the television on.

    The rest of the day was surreal, as the world here just shut down, and the skies went quiet. I couldn’t reach friends in NY or DC for hours, and the internet was wonky, and all we had to do was wait.


  2. I was just starting a new assignment that day. Literally. First day working with people I didn’t know, during a new phase in my life. I didn’t have my own apartment or house yet. I was staying in a rented corporate apartment with no family or friends close by.

    I watched a lot of the coverage yesterday. And I got emotional. And I don’t know if we’re any safer or smarter than we were 10 years ago. All I can do is pray that we are both.


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