Milking time!

Blame ‘Bunny’ for this posting, if she hadnt posted about the Chinese and their plans to genetically modify cows to produce breast milk, then it probably would never have been written!

Many of my fantasies can be blamed on TV porogrammes, but I have no idea where I got the milking machine one from, to be honest. All I do know  is that the idea of  having my ‘udders’ fitted into one of those milking machines, and having them pumped has been with me for a while, though I’m not sure quite how long. The funny thing is, even at the Garden, I’m not the only one who fancies this!

I suspect it relates to the stimulation that you would get from having your breasts pumped like that, one thing is for certain, they wouldnt get much milk out of me lol! Well not naturally at least! And as an ‘expert’ told me at the time of writing ‘The Dairy Unit’, a cow milking machine teats wouldnt fit on human female ‘udders’ anyway, but thats beside the point.

The irony is, unlike most MC stories, it is actually theoretically possible to connect a human up to a cow milking machine, even if the teats would need adaptation to do so. Of course strictly, mind control might not be needed to get women to allow themselves to be connected up in this way, but maybe you’d need to MC a farmer to get him to permit it to happen lol!

Its funny, I can always (and have done so) make a good case for being turned into a robot, and I know why being turned into a mermaid would be so much fun. Not really sure I could do so for being milked in this way,  but I fancy the concept at least, all the same.

2 thoughts on “Milking time!”

  1. Speaking as a heterosexual male presence in the Garden, I can only say that milking machinges don’t interest me because I would rather provide the stimulation personally.

    And, if it is the stimulation that interests you (and, I would suggest, could be better provided my modifying the machine, not your teat), why wouldn’t you just enjoy it, with no worries for production?


  2. I did mention it was the milking machine teats that needed adaptation the first time, but suspect you picked up on the second one.

    Dont worry James, I know I’d enjoy it, and I doubt very much I’d be that worried about production once it was switched on!


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